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Me and the machines

Plume de Carotte/Quai des Savoirs, 2020

This accordion book was written by Clémence Sabbagh and published by Plume de Carotte in partnership with Quai des Savoirs. On one side, there is a story in 7 sections with a big illustration in a frieze. On the other side, there are explanations in form of activities sheets to discover how a lever, a wheel, a pulley and a gear work.

The three little plump pigs decide to go deep into the forest to escape the big bad wolf! They build a house there all of straw, wood and bricks. Once finished, they get on their bikes and pedal to the pond. There they throw their fishing rod and reel to haul up a big fish! And as they are very thirsty, head for the well where they turn the crank to raise a bucket of water.  

The activities

The story in 7 sections

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